History of Place Beauséjour

Originally a French farming community located just south of Edmonton, Beaumont is now a vibrant city (click here to view municipal census information). Its downtown core resembles a French village with unique architecture and red brick walkways. It is named for the “beautiful hill” on which St. Vital Church, built in 1919, is located within the centre of the town. The name was selected in 1895 as part of a petition for a post office.

In 1995-1996, a small group of Beaumont Residents led by Ella Mortemore concerned about seniors being forced away from their home community, conceived the idea for a new “Aging In Place” facility for Beaumont.  Independence, Dignity and Choice  are three words that best describe their vision for adult housing.

After hearing about the proposed Aging In Place complex, Rolland Belland was so enthused by the concept that he offered 4.1 acres to be used when needed and at a cost far below market value!

What follows is a chronological look at Place Beausejour through newspaper clippings from 1995 – 2006.

November, 1996

New Complex To Be Built In Beaumont

The effort behind getting a complex set up in Beaumont, that will allow people to access needed services like nursing or medical care in their own home, is slowly starting to take place.

Ella Mortemore, Chairperson for the Ad Hoc Committee, described an ‘aging in place’ complex as something different than an assisted living complex.

She said an aging in place complex is one where people of different ages and generations live in their own place of residence and access a menu of services that are available depending on their individual needs.

Now that the concept is starting to take place, the committee is looking to the community for sponsors.
(Beaumont News)

February, 1997

Beaumont Aging In Place Society was incorporated February 27, 1997.

June, 1997

Lions Club donates $5000 to the proposed Aging in Place complex in Beaumont.

Above: Walt Skrepnyk and Gerry Patsula present cheque to Ella Mortemore for $5000

July, 1997

A volunteer Board of Directors was formed as follows:

Chairperson – Ella Mortemore
Vice Chairperson – Adelle Madu
Secretary – Madeleine Royer
Treasurer – Maurice Biron
Directors – Rolly Belland, Paul Roberge, Andy Berube, Roy `Davies, Art Curtis, Julia Magnan, Margot Lalonde, Gerry Patsula (liase with Lions Club), Linda Paton (legal consultant).

May, 1998


The name Place Beausejour was chosen from among 50 entries as best representing the Beaumont Aging In Place complex.  Claude Dupuis’ entry was considered by the Board to best reflect both the Town of Beaumont and the idea of a pleasant place to stay, to spend some time.

Mr Dupuis said that he wanted a name that would represent the long, good journey residents living in the complex would have.

Above: Claude Dupuis accepts $50 for winning the contest  to name the Aging In Place Complex.

May, 1998

More help for Aging-in-Place Society

Beaumont Knights of Columbus Grand Knight Rodrique Lalonde, presents a cheque for $1000 to the Aging-in-Place Society’s treasurer Maurice Biron.

October, 1998

They have their architect,they have their builder, and they have plans for spring construction.

Surveyors were at the site, west of the Protective Services Building, last week.  The measurements will allow the architect to render a site plan and an artist’s concept of the building.
(Beaumont News)

November, 1998

Council waives $300,000 fee for Aging-in-place Society

Councillor Gerry Patsula made a motion that the administration work with the aging-in-place society to create a development agreement and that the capital contribution be set at zero in recognition of the organizations non-profit status.  The motion passed unanimously.
(The Beaumont News)

January, 1999

Lions’ president Gerry Patsula presented their second $5000 donation to Beaumont Aging In Place Society’s Chairperson Ella Mortemore.

Mortemore said the money would help the society pay for a number of outstanding undertakings such as architectural fees  and marketing brochures.

April, 1999

Vice Chair of Beaumont Aging In Place Society Adelle Madu, happily accepted a cheque for $5000 from Gord Lock, president of St. Vital Senior’s Club.

May 31, 1999

OK for Place Beausejour

Beaumont Town Council approved the building permit,giving the green light to the new Place Beausejour complex to be constructed downtown just west of the fire hall.
(The Beaumont News)

July 19, 1999

Reservations roll in

Judging by the response to Place Beausejour at a meeting July 19, there will be a run on moving boxes in the spring.

The session was not only an opportunity to find out more about the complex, but it also marked the first day that residents could reserve units.

In the first 36 hours of the sales office being opened, the Society had received 14 reservation agreements, which meant almost 50% of the 31 units in Phase 1 are already spoken for.
(The Beaumont News)

Above: Lydia Trelenberg reviews Place Beausejour plans.

Above: Adelle Madu assists Aline Goudreau with agreement.

August, 1999

Fall start promising for Place Beausejour

With almost 70% of the units in Phase 1 of Place Beausejour reserved, the architect of the seniors complex Fraser Brinsmead, anticipates site preparation to begin in October. Brinsmead said the significant change to the building since the plans were last shown to the public is the removal of garage space in favor of a one-level underground parking lot. (The Beaumont News)

Above: Fraser Brinsmead

October, 1999

Council OK’s revised plans for Place Beausejour

Council approved a revised development permit for the Placre Beausejour Place proposal.  Amendments include an increase to 131 units along with additional parking spaces.(The Beaumont News)

December 8, 1999

Sod turned for Place Beausejour – spring start expected

Above: BOARD MEMBERS – Paul Roberge, Gerry Patsula, Roy Davies, Maurice Biron, Adelle Madu, Ella Mortemore, Art Curtis, Rollie Belland, Madeleine Royer, Margot Lalonde, Julia Magnan.

Above: Maurice Biron, Mayor Ken Kobly, Rollie Belland, Adelle Madu

Above: FIRST TO PURCHASE – Leo Goudreau, Julia Magnan, Helen & Marcel Magnan, Lydia Madu, Laurent Goudreau, Fleurette Roberge, Marie-Rose Goudreau, Terry Gobeil, Ina Soch, Vivianne & Marcel Goudreau, Beth Elhard.

March 30, 2000

Construction expected soon

Construction of Place Beausejour is expected to begin before the end of of April with a new financial project backer.

Chandos Construction Ltd. has taken on responsibilities for a large chunk of the project, after the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation withdrew it’s support in late December due to a change in it’s Life Lease policy.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in December and construction was to begin in January. Place Beausejour was forced to look for a new financial backer and came to a final agreement with Chandos Construction this week.(Beaumont News)

May 5, 2000

Hole lot going on at Place Beausejour

Interest in Place Beausejour was building as construction workers were getting ready this week to pour the foundation for the first phase of the aging-in-place facility. (Beaumont News)

July 21, 2000

Beaumont grows with the summer rain

Site superintendent Allan Head at Place Beausejour said workers at the 52 Ave location have spent a lot of time pumping water out of the hole dug for the underground parking.

“It’s one of the worst worst construction seasons I’ve I’ve ever seen,” said the Chandos Construction Ltd. employee with 26 years of construction experience. (Beaumont News)

September, 2000

Chris Calvert, Linda Chamberlain and Don Pace joined the Board of Beaumont Aging In Place

November 10, 2000

Residents tour Place Beausejour

“This is going to be awesome.”

Madeleine Royer, an aging in Place Society board member, was beaming as she walked down the third floor hallway of Place Beausejour. With all the external walls up and windows in, work has been progressing on the interior.Electrical and plumbing is all roughed in and drywall work is expected to commence soon.

Terry Gobeil, one of the 16 original purchasers of property, walked through her eventual suite and tried to imagine it in a finished state.  “This is my first opportunity to get a look inside,” she said.  “It looks good right now and I think it’s going to be nice.”

Fleurette Roberge stood in the middle of her living room and gathered it all in.  “It’s very hard to try and visualize things right now, but I believe it will be very nice and beautiful.” Roland Roberge came along with his mom and was visibly impressed.  They all have a nice view.  As a matter of fact, I might be moving in here myself.” (Beaumont News)

Above: The Aging in Place Society’s Remi LeBlanc and suite owner Fleurette Roberge tour Place Beausejour.

December 22, 2000

How suite it is at Place Beausejour

Beaumont aging-in-place residence opened their new show suite on Thursday.  The sales office has been moved from the portable trailer to the new location as well.

Ilda Lantz, of Beaumont’s More Than Frames and Decorating, designed the indoor color scheme.

“This is a fully furnished and decorated show suite with all the appliances,” said Adelle Madu, Place Beausejour’s sales and marketing manager.

Superintendent Allan Head reports that he now has a crew of 55 working to complete the project. (Beaumont News)

Above: (Sitting) Ella Mortemore, Allan Head (Chandos Construction), Ilda Lantz and Mervin Chitrinia (More Than Frames and Decorating, Adelle Madu (Marketing Manager)

December 22, 2000

On that new place

They say one can’t judge a book by the strength of it’s cover alone.  But what if you didn’t like the cover?

Such was the case with Place Beausejour Place, the new aging in place facility which recently opened in Beaumont.  This long needed and long awaited facility fills a void in our midst.  At last a place for seniors to live in dignity.

Originally when the structure was first opened one felt that it was a rather drab, dreary looking facility.  Then the stucco was finally applied, followed by the window shutters, and suddenly we have a unique looking facility that stands out in the community.  It is the town’s newest landmark of the new millennium. (Unknown Paper)

June 16, 2001


  • 21 of 34 available suites were leased
  • tenants came from the immediate area and as far away as Toronto, Peachland, Comox, and Saskatchewan.
  • Resident age ranged from 55 to 80 years.
  • workers finished laying sod and planting trees in time for the Grand Opening.


Above: Yvonne Malo won the BBQ

June 22, 2001

Welcome to Place Beausejour

Beaumont’s new aging-in-place complex was ‘the place’ to be last Saturday afternoon, as volunteers, citizens, politicians and dignitaries gathered for ceremonies marking the official opening of the first phase of Place Beausejour.

“It’s a very exciting day,” explained marketing and sales coordinator Adelle Madu.  “We had CHQT Radio broadcasting live out here this morning, and as a result we’ve had people coming in here from places such as Edmonton and Camrose to take a look.”

As the appointed time drew near, society President Chris Calvert stood before the podium and looked out at the crowd which consisted of stakeholders, local and provincial politicians, and officials from Chandos – the project’s contractor.

Above: Ribbon Cutting

Keeping his comments brief, Calvert told the crowd that Place Beausejour would not have been built were it not for the vision of a number of individual and organizations whose efforts resulted in the complex they were standing before that afternoon.

“In part I want to thank all the past and present members of the Aging In Place Society for their drive and commitment,” said Calvert,calling up former society president Ella Mortemore for a few comments.

Mortemore, who would also have the honour of cutting the ribbon, glanced up at the building and for a few seconds was lost for words.

“Once upon a time, five years ago,” she began, and went on to explain the process of establishing the concept, acquiring funding and eventually building the structure.  In particular, she noted the contributions of architect Fraser Brinsmead, Chandos’ Art Curtis and Camille Berube of the Beaumont Credit Union.

“I would also like to thank the people who bought into this project before construction began.  Their faith in us reflects the spirit of this community.”

Above: Leduc MLA Albert Klapstein presents a plaque from Seniors Minister Stan Woloshyn to AIP president Chris Calvert.
“This is a great addition to Beaumont,” offered Beaumont Mayor Ken Kobly, “It is fitting that this opening in the International Year of the Volunteer, to demonstrate what a group of committed volunteers can accomplish.”
Congratulations to you and best wishes on many more phases.”
Architect Brimsmead noted it was an honour to be associated with the Aging in Place group, and that the building’s high quality is a result of their input. (The Beaumont News)

May 14, 2004

Place Beausejour enters next phase of construction

Place Beausejour is getting ready to expand and Beaumont Aging in Place Society is hoping the ground work can be broken this summer. “The original plan was to build phase 2 and then phase 3, but we are combining them now because it would be too expensive to have someone come back to build again,” said Bill McNamara, president of Beaumont Aging In Place Society.

“The combined phases will have approximately 57 suites as well as a dining room, larger social area, number of shops including a hairdresser, as well as a gazebo park in the back yard.”

“Following the theme of the town, the entire building will look like a french village,” McNamara said. With planning will underway, the Aging in Place Society is already looking towards the future.
“We feel there is a demand for this and it will sell quickly, allowing us to move on with phase 4 as soon as we can,” McNamare said.

Planned to be the final part of construction, phase 4 is going to be an assisted living, lodge-type building that will cater to a different clientele from the first 3 phase. “As soon as the new phase is underway we will begin to look at the final phase because we know that there is also a need for that in Beaumont,” McNamara said. (Beaumont News)

November 12, 2004

Place Beausejour is expanding

Place Beausejour is ready to enter it’s next phase of development. A letter of intent has been signed between Beaumont’s Aging in Place Society and Christenson Developments.
(Beaumont News)

Above: Bill McNamara, president of B.A.I.P.S. shakes hands with Greg Christenson of CDL.

April 27, 2005

Turning the sod

Mickey Johnston, president of St. Vital Seniors Club, Beaumont Aging in Place director Adrien Bussiere, Ella Mortemore, Rollie Belland, Mary Zuzak, chairman Bill McNamara, Beaumont Mayor Camille Berube, and Christenson Development co-owners Peter Dirksen and Gary Christensen stir up the topsoil at the official sod turning ceremony for phase 2 Place Beausejour April 27. The new addition will cost between $6 and $8 million and will include 35 units between 800 – 1400 square feet. (Beaumont News)

May, 2005

June, 2005

July, 2005

August, 2005

September, 2005

November 4, 2005

Beausejour moving along

Phase 2 construction of Place Beausejour is going ahead on schedule and plans are to continue working when the snow flies.

The second phase plans 19,000 square feet over 3 floors, bigger windows, an expanded common room for larger gatherings, a library, 41 additional suites, a guest room and the same french heritage theme found in the first phase.”We’ll go right through,” said Wayne Fedina with CAN-Der Construction Ltd.

“The only hold up will be if the thermometer dips to -40 Celsius.”

Above: Nick Kowbel of CAN-DER Const., Wayne Fedina, Adriene Bussiere and Ella Mortemore.

February, 2006

April, 2006

June, 2006

Show suite to be open by the end of the month

Despite some delays after the wet fall last year, phase 2 of construction of Place Beausejour is coming along nicely.
Currently, construction of the 19,000 square foot building is six weeks behind schedule, but chairman Adriene Bussiere said they hoped to have the show suite completed by the end of the month. (The Beaumont News)

July, 2006

December, 2006

Place beausejour mortgage free

It’s time to burn the mortgage. It’s taken only 10 years for the Beaumont Aging In Place society to to pay off their mortgage for Place Beausejour and on Dec.4, they will officially become the owners of the land. “It’s a symbolic gesture,” said chairman Adriene Bussiere.  “We will officially be the owners of the title of land on which the building is set.” It’s not so much about the money,” Bussiere said.  “The message to the residents is that Place Beausejour is managed properly.” (The Beaumont News)

Peter Dirksen, Ella Mortemore, Roland Belland and Adriene Bussiere, burn the mortgage for Place

Ready to begin next two Phases

The mortgage has been paid off and the land officially belongs to the society thanks to the generosity of Roland Belland, past owner of the land and current board member.
“His role should not be understated,” said Adriene Bussiere, chair of the board.
“He sold the land at a very favorable price,” said Peter Dirksen, CAN-DER Construction.
Now that the mortgage has been paid off, the board plans to continue with phase 3 and 4 of the project.
(The Beaumont News)

December 1, 2006

January, 2007

Phase 4 receives $3.2 million cheque from province

To help with phase 4, the provincial government is providing $3.2 million to develop new affordable, supportive living units.

Above:  MLA George Rogers and Hector Goudreau, tourism, parks, recreation, and cultural minister, present a cheque for $3.2 million to Adriene Bussiere, chair of the Beaumont Aging In Place Society Jan. 20.

Above: Past and present members of Beaumont Aging In Place Society pose with cheque.
(The Beaumont News)

June, 2007

Place Beausejour Expanding – Construction on third phase will start in July

As the town of Beaumont increases in population and size, so does Place Beausejour. Construction of the third phase of the seniors’ complex, located at 5020 – 52 Ave., will get underway in July while the building of the fourth phase, which a building permit was recently approved for, will commence in the fall. (The Beaumont News)


Phase III with 22 additional suites was completed

June, 2008

Place Beausejour gets new complex

Place Beausejour is adding an assisted living unit to the existing complex.  The groundbreaking for phase 4 took place on June 6.  About 30 seniors came to listen to speakers and witness the official groundbreaking.

Beaumont resident Joyce Johnson, Don Kadatz, and Deputy Mayor Jacqueline Biollo dig the shovels into the ground for the groundbreaking ceremony.
(The Beaumont News)

August, 2008

December, 2008


Ron Breault, Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus Lapointe Council, presents a cheque for $1360 to Claude Berube, accepting on behalf of the Place Beausejour seniors.  The money will be used to buy tools for the residents’ woodworking shop.

Development of Place Beausejour amenities.

  • Woodworking Shop parkade level – $1360 Knights of Columbus donation
  • Wine Room Parking Level
  • Exercise Room – $32,000 Community Lottery Board contribution.

March, 2009

“Active adult living in Beaumont available”

Place Beauséjour was the site of an open house March 5, showing off the suites in phase three, which have been for sale since the latest portion of the complex opened last August.

There are 12 unsold suites in phase 3 and 5 unsold suites in phases one and two.

(From The Beaumont News)

April, 2009

“$1.1 million for lodge units at Place Beauséjour”

Place Beauséjour will receive a grant of $1.1 million to put toward 11 units in the fourth and final phase.

The 11 units will will be located on the second floor of the building and will be known as lodge units.

The fourth phase is an assisted living phase with dementia and Alzheimer’s suites.  In order to live in the fourth phase, one must be referred by a doctor.

To live in the lodge units though, one does not have to.

Clients in the lodge units have access to meals, housekeeping and personal nursing care if required while the clients in the first three units are for active adults living for those 50 years of age and older.

(From The Beaumont News)

December, 2009

“Place Beauséjour Phase 4 will be ready in March”

The latest phase of Place Beauséjour looks somewhat completed from the outside but work continues to be done, and phase 4 is slated to open in March of 2010.

The $9.2 million addition to Place Beauséjour consists of 38 Designated Assisted Living (DAL) suites and 11 lodge units.

April, 2010

“Assisted living pushes back”

The opening date for phase 4 of Beaumont’s Place Beauséjour has been pushed back again.

The building was suppose to open to tenants in March, but that date was pushed back to May in February.

A firm date of June 14 has now been set.

Joyce Johnson, interim executive director of Beaumont Supportive Living says Alberta Health Services has filled up the units with clients who have been waiting for assisted living. “The beds are all spoke for,” said Johnson.  “We are starting a waiting list.”

June, 2010

“Beaumont phase 4 ready for residents.”

After nearly a year and a half of construction, the fourth and final phase of Place Beauséjour is ready for tenants to move in.

“It’s nice to be nearly done…We’re ready for the last of our inspections” -Joyce Johnson, BSL Interim Executive Director.

June 23, 2010

“A grand opening for Place Beauséjour”

The grand opening of the Place Beauséjour Assisted Living and Supportive Housing facility was held June 23, heralding the completion of the four-phase facility as a completed community landmark.

Now, phase four is complete and set up for supportive living and includes nursing and personal care assistance.

Phase 4 pertinent facts:

  • 38 Designated Assisted Living suites (DAL) including 12 Safe Living suites.
  • 11 Lodge suites
  • Management under the direction of AHS and contract with GSS.

September, 2012

Communities in Bloom Yard Contest Winners

January, 2015

Ownership & Leasing Update

Covenant Care officially assumes ownership and management of Beaumont Assisted Living and Supportive Housing (Phase 4), transition is ongoing.

At present, Phases 1, 2 and 3 are fully leased with a waiting list in place for potential tenants.

January 27, 2015

Place Beauséjour Giving

Carmen Grayson was humbled to receive a $1,085 cheque from members of Place Beauséjour on behalf of her family on Jan. 27.  The family has been overwhelmed with support since they launched a $100,000 fundraiser to bring their quadriplegic son Lincoln home.

July 21, 2015


“We announced our new name Chateau Vitaline on July 21, 2015 during a lovely ceremony in our front courtyard. It is such a fitting name and one that we all can be proud of.  We were congratulated and welcomed into the community by Councillor Bruce LeCren and many members of our immediate neighbors in BAIP. Coffee, cake and desserts were served.” said Brenda Thomson, Site Leader (Place Beausejour Newsletter, September 2015)

July 29, 2015

Beaumont Covenant Care residents delighted by the renaming of their home to “Chateau Vitaline”

Chateau Vitaline site leader and Town Councilor Bruce LeCren reveal Beamont Covenant Care Centre’s new name.

For residents at Covenant Care’s supportive living centre in Beaumont, the renaming of their home to Chateau Vitaline means a renewed sense of connectedness with the community.

Residents gathered in the centre’s beautifully decorated garden on July 21 for the naming announcement and embraced Chateau Vitaline as the name of their home. At first it seemed that Chateau Vitaline was chosen to reflect the regal appearance of the building, whose serene gardens and exterior design resemble a large countryside manor—but in fact the name has a rich history behind it.

“The name comes from the bell that rings in the tower of St. Vital Church every day,” Chateau Vitaline site leader Brenda Thomson explains. “The word “vitaline” means life-giving, alive and vibrant, which is fitting for our centre and the Beaumont community.”

“Our seniors are our treasures,” Beaumont Town Councilor Bruce LeCren says proudly at the naming ceremony.  “The name ‘Chateau Vitaline’ honors its residents and highlights their importance to the Beaumont community.”

St. Vital Church and the Marie-Vitaline bell are deeply rooted in the Beaumont’s history. It meant so much to community members that when the bell was destroyed by a fire in 1920, they rallied together to raise money to replace it. Today the Marie-Vitaline bell remains a symbol of hope, resilience and community spirit.